Our Vision

March forward with excellant on satisfactory public service combined with sustainable development

Our Mission

Uplifting the life of the people in the division by service delivery in accordance with public policy and through the process of resouce coordination and efficiently sustainable and planned development with people participation.

History of Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat

The Bandaragama Division is bordered by 5737 hectares in the Kalutara district of the North from the Colombo District and the Horana Divisional Secretariat in the East, Milleniya and Kalutara Divisional Secretariats in the South and the Panadura Divisional Secretariat from the West.

Increasingly, this division secretariat division which was divided into 36 Grama Niladhari divisions prior to 1982 had been divided into 103 GN divisions. In the early part of 1998, administrative divisions were divided into two divisions such as Millaniya and Bandaragama for the convenience of the divisional secretariats of Panadura and Horana divisional secretariats. There were 59 divisions in Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat Division and Millaniya Divisional Secretariat Division of 44 Divisions.
A large population of people lived in the divisional secretariat division of the Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat Division before the separation of the ancient Pathahewatta Raja Maha Viharaya Millenium Division from the division of the Raigam Bandara in the Vidadagama area of ​​Vidagama. 
There are no specific geographical features in this division and about 90% of the land is in the flat terrain. In terms of land use, the home garden area is 2806 hectares. The total land area is 48.9%. There are 1507 cultivated lands. Coconut, rubber and main crops are cultivated as crops, and tea cultivation has been developing in recent times. In addition, home gardening also uses a large community as a livelihood.
The average temperature in this area is 27.5 degrees Celsius in the Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat Division. The average annual rainfall is about mm. The temperature range between 2000 and 3000 is between 80% and 85%. This division belongs to WL 4 zone according to the classification of agro ecological zones.The southwestern monsoon wind receives the main rainfall in the area and the sun rays are experienced throughout the year due to lack of windy periods and good rainfall. Many areas of this division have better environmental conditions for crop cultivation.
Another important feature here is the high road density and it's like a very developed road system. The main road is the Ratnapura road and there is also a main road along the Kesbewa-Bandaragama road. The new Galle Road is also very popular. The newly constructed Southern Expressway also goes through this Divisional Secretary's Division.
The main Administrative Service Center is the Bandaragama town. Rathnapura Horana is the main road to Kalutara and Kesbewa. There is a massive development in the city due to the existence of a expressway. However, it seems that there are still underdeveloped areas in the inner part of the division. Flexible facilities have to be provided to this area.
This ayurvedic environment is still preserved due to the fact that this Divisional Secretariat is still largely rural. With this time of globalization, many countries are degrading and degrading, as well. But in Sri Lanka there are still beautiful villages and therefore they are in a good balance. This beauty is also found in the Bandaragama division.
Economic and social background
The Bandaragama Divisional Secretary's Division is 11419, of which 63077 are women and 56342 are male. About 95% of the population is Sinhalese Buddhist and 26611 Samurdhi beneficiary families in the division. The total number of houses is 29,517. Atulugama in the East, Atulugama West, Korowala, Bamunumulla, Gagemandiya, Bogahawatta, Bamunumulla Muslim and Ritmulla houses are mostly Muslims.
Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat is situated in the middle of the town and consists of 59 Grama Niladhari Divisions. The following public and private institutions are located in this division.
«Agrarian Service Center - Bandaragama
«Agrarian Service Center - Pamunugama
«Electricity Board - Regional Office
«Water Board - Regional Office
«Telecom - Regional Office
«Police Station - Bandaragama
«People's Bank
«Bank of Ceylon
«National Savings Bank
«Seylan Bank
«Commercial Bank of Ceylon
«Sampath Bank
«Hatton National Bank
«Ceylinco Insurance post Office
«Divisional Education Office
«District Hospital
«Office of the Medical Officer of Health
There are 21 schools including Pirivenas in this division. The agricultural sector is very well developed. Paddy cultivation is very successful. Rubber cultivation is also carried out in a minority manner, and Coir cultivation and fruit cultivation are done successfully.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. Sunil K. De Silva    
Mr. Sugathadasa Serasinghe    
Mr. J.H.S.S.Jayasundara    
Mr. W.Dayarathna    
Mrs. Sharmalie R Kelani 1996.08.27 2001.08.31
Mr. G.V.S.Pathirana   2000
Mr. Chandrapema Gamage 2000 2004
Mrs.Champa N. Perera 2005 2011
Mr. M.A.T,Senarath 2011 2015
Mrs. Menaka Priyantha Abeyrathna 2015 2016 April
Mrs. Sujani Menaka Silva

2016 May

2018 September
Mrs. Buddhika Ruwani Samarathunga from 2019   

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