Division day

Division day will be held on the 4th week of every month. Division day will be held on the 4th week of every month. 

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Childcare Committee,Denque Controll Committee and Anti Drugs Committee also will be take part on the same venue.Your text...

Dengue control programme

Dengue control programme will be held on every Friday from 9.00 a.m. at office premises. Attendence is compulsary.


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Project 02

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A large population of people lived in the divisional secretariat division of the Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat Division before the separation of the ancient Pathahewatta Raja Maha Viharaya Millenium Division from the division of the Raigam Bandara in the Vidadagama area of ​​Vidagama.
There are no specific geographical features in this division and about 90% of the land is in the flat terrain. In terms of land use, the home garden area is 2806 hectares. The total land area is 48.9%. There are 1507 cultivated lands. Coconut, rubber and main crops are cultivated as crops, and tea cultivation has been developing in recent times. In addition, home gardening also uses a large community as a livelihood.
The average temperature in this area is 27.5 degrees Celsius in the Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat Division. The average annual rainfall is about mm. The temperature range between 2000 and 3000 is between 80% and 85%. This division belongs to WL 4 zone according to the classification of agro ecological zones.The southwestern monsoon wind receives the main rainfall in the area and the sun rays are experienced throughout the year due to lack of windy periods and good rainfall. Many areas of this division have betterDCC Will be held on 2018-08-30

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පිරිත් පිංකම

පිරිත් පිංකම

රටට හා මහජනතාවට සෙත්පතා පවත්වන ලද පිරිත්...

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